The Philosophical Foundation of Abel Counseling Services


    The Human Person by nature is inclined toward the rational in the midst of chaos and confusion. The potential for good is ever present in all Human Beings. And s/he has the potential for rational, happy and productive living as a unique and self-sufficient individual. S/he naturally seeks to love, however, and to be loved as well as seeks a sense of self-worth & meaning for her/his life/existence. Moreover, the potential is within the nature of the Human Person to seek harmony with her/his world, i.e., community; society; and the world at-large, both socially and biologically. And, the potential is within her/his nature to seek harmony with her/his associates: both the intimate associates (spouse, close friends, family members, etc.) and the interpersonal associates (colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances, and members of society). Also, the potential for higher consciousness in the Human Person’s nature can inspire a search for spiritual congruence and inner equilibrium through a personal relationship with a Higher the individual chooses to name and understand that POWER. Moreover, there exists the potential within the nature of the Human Person to develop a sense of and a need for justice and fairness.

    There also exists within all Human Persons a nature-based ability to make conscious, viable choices which contribute toward conditioning our behaviors and shaping our lifestyles. And being in touch with this nature-based ability to make conscious, viable choices empowers us to take responsibility for the consequences of our choices, making us freewill, responsible Beings. Living within a conscious framework of these aspects of Human nature, a Person can be mentally healthy and happy. Personal happiness and an individual sense of personal inner security are the ultimate, universal goals of Humanity.

    Happiness is the awareness that you are contented, satisfied, fulfilled, secure and at peace with yourself, the world-you-live-in, and others: it is the possession of a strong sense of self-worth and meaning for your life. Happiness is also having a genuine respect for the value of others. This respect for the value of other Human Life can be achieved through a guided development toward an awareness that other Human Life is, in a sense, an extension of one' Self at the core of phenomenological Being. We are basically equal in our Human Personhood. And our Personhood is our Essential Being as Humans...interconnected, interdependent and in harmony with our Self-image, our fellow Human Beings and our world (Weltanschauung). Summarily, we achieve happiness by being in harmonious relationship with Self, the world-we-live-in, and Others.

    Toward this end, Abel Counseling Services strives to promote the dignity and value of the Human Person in her/his personal growth and development. And we seek to assist and empower the Human Person while s/he resolves the conflict(s) and /or crises/traumas that block her/his progress toward happiness and his/her continuous upward mobility toward a higher quality of life.

Dr. Steven D. Abel, Ph.D.

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